How to Replace Your Toilet


When your toilet shows signs of improper working or there is a leakage then you have to take the right measures in order to resolve this issue. If you notice something wrong with the functioning of your toilet then you have two options. The first one is to try and define the problem and hire a specialist to perform the repairing or if the issue is very serious you will have to replace your toilet with a new one.
Here are a couple of ideas that can help saniflo engineer you when you are dealing with the toilet plumbing and also save you money:

Your Toilet Must Work Properly

The majority of the water that an average household is using gets flushed down the toilet. If you experience some difficulties with your toilet then there is a possibility that you are using more water than you are supposed to.

Dispose of the Current Toilet

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the water supply is turned off. After you have done this you have to flush down any still remaining water and then disconnect the water supply line from the toilet bowl. Remove the bolts that hold the toilet tank and the toilet bowl so you can extract the toilet tank from the toilet. Remove the bolts that hold toilet to the floor. When you take out the toilet you need to make sure that no gasket wax is present in the area where the toilet used to be. After the toilet is no longer in place you are advised to put a towel or a cloth onto the drain hole so you can prevent the gases form spreading across the room.

New Toilet Set Up

Put the bolts inside the flange. Remove the towel or the cloth that was covering the drain hole and then place the toilet onto the flange. Install the washers and the nuts and after that you have to put the toilet softly and safely and tighten the nuts. If there are no leaks present then you should proceed and use a silicone sealant so you can seal the base of the toilet. Place the rubber gasket over the outlet at the bottom of the toilet tank. Insert the tank bolts and washers from the inside of the toilet tank,How to Replace Your Toilet Articles so they can be pushed through to the bowl. Position the tank and tighten the nuts. Install the toilet seat.