Why is eCommerce PWA the future of eCommerce?

Before the introduction of the eCommerce Progressive Web App, it was really hard for us to imagine that something more advanced would emerge after the hype of the eCommerce Mobile App. Well, here we are and though the concept of the PWA mobile eCommerce website development agency app was introduced back in 2015, the experts are considering that this is going to be the future of eCommerce.

Before we get down to the reasons why Progressive Web App for eCommerce is the future of eCommerce, you should know the benefits of the same.

So here we go!!
Advantages of the Progressive Web App

The mobile share of eCommerce is quickly developing. By 2021, mobile businesses are relied upon online retail to generate 53.9% of sales income. The eCommerce businesses are searching for the most ideal approach to get a lot of the mobile eCommerce market. While already, many eCommerce businesses have required a PWA app, today the advantages of Progressive web app may make the eCommerce store feasible.

  1. Contact a more extensive audience

Mobile apps are designed to work for each user, paying little heed to what platform they’re on. They’re likewise responsive to fit diverse size screens. Since they’re in a flash available to a wide audience and simple to share through a connection, a larger number of individuals embrace them than would set aside the effort to download an eCommerce app.

  1. Decreased improvement expenses and time

A native app requires its advancement as well as its upkeep. And to contact a similar audience you need to make both an Android app and an iOS app and conceivably a Windows 10 app–and deal with every one of them notwithstanding your eCommerce site. When it comes to PWA for eCommerce, you can relax because there’s no double work as the progressive web app works the same on Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Speed and openness

Google found that 53% of mobile users abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to stack. Speed is critical, and PWA Mobile App can give that as they’re designed to smooth and quick user encounters. PWA apps will in general be excessively fast since they utilize current web improvement innovations and systems. It works stunningly better, the mobile apps work, even after disconnected or with a lower quality internet connection. The Progressive Web App is lightweight because it isn’t supposed to be downloaded from an App Store and Play Store.

  1. Better conversion

Partially in light of the above advantage, Progressive Web App gives a superior user experience to customers. A superior user experience implies higher conversion rates. For instance, Alibaba saw a 76% increment in conversions across various programs in the wake of presenting PWA Apps.

Reasons that eCommerce Progressive Web App are the future of eCommerce


The eCommerce PWA Mobile App is like an eCommerce website. It is more like the ‘plug-n-play’ principle. All the users need to do is visit the eCommerce website, add the icon on their Home Screen and browse as much as they want to without worrying how much space the mobile app would take on their smartphone.

Offline feature

The next best feature of the Progressive Web App is that it can easily be working without having a stable internet connection or with no internet connection as well. For example, if you’re in a taxi that works with the GPS tracking system, the native app would fail if there’s no stable connection. Well, the eCommerce PWA won’t.

Easy maintenance

Developing and maintaining a native app can be exhausting and expensive. However, doing the same for a Progressive Web App is easy on your pocket as well as needs less handling. You can save your money on hiring a developer who would continuously monitor the working of the eCommerce app, regular bug fixes, and important updates.